Our policy




Oscartielle is a company that operates in the market for over 60 years manufacturing and selling products for furnishing and commercial refrigeration for shops, supermarkets and for the food industry, such as metal shelving, specialized furniture and plug-in furniture.

The success of Oscartielle is characterized by:

  • high technological innovation
  • products reliability
  • quality of the customers services
  • flexibility of production and design with the best value for money.



Oscartielle is aware that its mission is the full customer satisfaction, which can be achieved only through the "virtuous process" of continuous improvement involving both internal resources and relationships with the company's suppliers.

Oscartielle, in the management of its activities, has adopted a related processes organization, characterized by a systematic approach to the risk, to the identification and analysis of the factors of the context and of the relevant parties for its strategic objectives.



Oscartielle is fully convinced that its Quality System is a key tool to improve their business performance and to increase its image toward the market.

In fact thanks to the implementation of the Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Oscartielle has set itself the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

  • Intensification of the contact with end users in order to better understand the problems and the needs of the customer that emerged during the use of its products;
  • Increase the satisfaction of its customers both as regards the product sold and for the service provided through a systematic monitoring of complaints and their level of satisfaction;
  • Increase of its turnover to 50 mln Euro in the period 2020-21-22 with the objective to grow its presence in the food sector and in traditional retail;
  • Establish a process of continuous technological innovation for an active designing by providing annually new lines of models and performing the systematic restyling of the existing ones;
  • The fulfilment of the mandatory requirements applicable to the products and services provided by Oscartielle;
  • Ensure internal communications, between the different levels and functions of the organization with regard to the aspects related to the management system favouring the involvement and awareness of the whole staff;
  • Monitoring business processes, the definition of instruments of control and analysis of the results;
  • The culture of continuous improvement, both within the organization and with the suppliers;
  • Disseminating quality culture among its collaborators promoting responsible behaviour;
  • Interpret quality as a responsibility and a personal duty of every single employee and of all "concerned parties", in function of the achievement of the objectives set by the GM;
  • Motivate and train to quality all the staff at all levels.



The management is committed to spread the culture of quality within the company by ensuring that the policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all staff who works in the name and on behalf of the organization, that is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary and is made publicly available on the web site and in the corporate Intranet and making available all the resources necessary for the effective implementation of the Quality System in the company. The management undertakes to organize the business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness in relation to the continue evolution of the needs and expectations of the Customer.


Moreover, the management invites all the business Departments to maintain the constant commitment and direct involvement aimed at achieving the targets provided by the Company Quality System in line with the objectives of the Quality Policy.


The direction is also convinced that Quality is a strategic potential to follow in order to ensure the availability of resources, facilities, suitable means for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the management system and to ensure the respect of the environment and safety in the workplace (transposition of the Legislative Decree. 81/2008) and to ensure the respect of ethical values in the management of the business activities, as declared in the international conventions.

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