Welcome to our Melting Pot!

Euroshop 2020 has officially begun.

"The Melting Pot" theme will accompany us throughout this week in Düsseldorf: a journey through colours, flavours and fragrances from around the world that the Arneg Group is promoting. And not just flavours and fragrances! Traditions, innovation and, above all, people too. Men and women from every continent will be the protagonists of our stand. The excitement of the world's biggest retail fair will give this mix of faces and cultures even more of a buzz. 

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The next five days will be rich in new ideas, products and technologies destined to dictate future trends, displayed in areas specially designed to show visitors the very best in Arneg World installations: deli, gourmet eatery, beer bar, coffee bar, market area, wine bar, butcher, fishmonger, baker, greengrocer, cheesemonger, florist, fashion & beauty, discount outlet, check-out, storage area, tech & service, refrigeration system, motorway service area, click & collect.

Between one area and the next are located catering points offering finger food made with ingredients from all around the world.

So many theme-based areas, all arranged around the Agorà, the beating heart of our stand where Arneg's best-selling products are on display. We chose the name 'Agorà' for a good reason. It identifies the ancient Greek square or town centre, the meeting place where all the most important decisions were taken and therefore the heart of the polis, the city. 

In a similar way, Arneg's Agorà contains the best of the products on show. This is where you can find counters, vertical cabinets and islands, all clearly displayed, brightly lit and located well away from the catering areas to ensure the space necessary to appreciate them to the full.

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