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About us

Oscartielle is one of Europe’s leading producers of custom refrigerated cabinets and solutions for the retail sector and food industry.


Custom solutions

Oscartielle has developed a wide range of custom solutions to respond accurately and effectively to multiple needs, from the simplest to the most complex and unusual, expressed by a constantly evolving and changing market.

Our customer-oriented solutions are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of functionality, style, ergonomics and application, and are developed with an attention to detail that makes every product unique.

Oscartielle’s strength lies in an extraordinary level of versatility and flexibility, unique in the retail and food sector.



The story of a real business adventure

Over half a century of history. From the tumultuous Italian boom years of the 1960s to the exciting new millennium with its transformations, direction changes and adventures on the global market.


Our company’s competitive strength is based on top-quality products, a capacity for innovation and research and, more importantly, attention to the needs of our customers.

Our flexible production system allows us to fully satisfy the needs of today's rapidly changing market and guarantees a rapid and effective response to customer requests along with short delivery times.



Synergy with the Arneg Group generates an extensive interchange of skills, products and technologies and boosts the know-how of all concerned. Interaction with an advanced group of companies, the joint development of major projects and the sharing of ambitious growth targets have enabled Oscartielle to establish a strong, well-defined brand identity.

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