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Confronta Modelli

Research and Development

Oscartielle has always invested heavily in research and development. Our company makes every effort to reduce energy consumption, improve performance, and optimise operating costs, style and ergonomics.


New challenges

Today, Oscartielle is continuing to evolve with the greatest determination, developing new products, monitoring the latest market trends, and focusing on performance, design and key issues like energy saving, environmental sustainability, and improvements to the quality of life.

Major investments in research and development, continuous in-house training and the use of the latest technologies and most advanced materials are the foundations of a business philosophy in perfectly harmony with the needs of increasingly demanding customers and with the idea of responsible growth as a way of safeguarding the planet and the wellbeing of future generations.

The innovations introduced by our flexible, versatile and customer-attentive organisation have all been adopted with this aim in mind.



Our experimentation explores the infinite paths open to research and development. We are convinced that only by harnessing the power of ideas to drive growth can we make real progress in reducing consumption while improving performance, ergonomics and presentation.

Follow the direction pursued by our research