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We consider environmental sustainability to be a civic duty and have included it in our Code of Ethics.


Protection of the environment

We help promote environmental protection policies and help raise awareness around them by managing our activities in an environmentally compatible manner and in accordance with applicable regulations.

“Oscartielle constantly strives to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment.

Oscartielle’s environmental objectives are:

  • To respect legal requirements relevant to the environment
  • To continuously improve environmental performance
  • To raise the environmental awareness of all employees
  • To reduce energy consumption
  • To reduce unjustified wastage of resources
  • To collaborate with suppliers in order to prevent environmental risks”


Extract from the Code of Ethics of Oscartielle S.p.A.


Reduction in energy consumption for production

Reduction in the environmental impact of products

Raising environmental awareness among employees

Encouraging commercial partners to respect the environment

Ecologically sustainable company

Over the years, our factory has been expanded and modernised many times to make it more energy-efficient. Today it is equipped with a modern photovoltaic system capable of supplying a significant proportion of the energy needed for production while feeding unused energy into the grid.

Sustainable products

We regularly adopt new technology to reduce the energy consumption of our products and to make them more ecologically sustainable:

  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Low-energy electronic fans
  • Glass doors in wall cabinets
  • Unheated glass doors in low temperature cabinets
  • Glass covers for low temperature islands
  • Free-Flow channels integrated in wall cabinet price holders
  • LED instead of fluorescent lighting
  • Natural refrigerants
  • Water and mixed condensation technology


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