CUB@: Locker means "SECURITY"

The current restrictions due to COVID-19 are leading to an epochal change in our way of life and consequently also in the concept of "shopping".

In the past months we have become more technological and we have improved the use of words such as “HOME DELIVERY”, “UFIRST” (the app that monitors the queue outside a supermarket) and “CLICK & COLLECT” (order and collect).

OSCARTIELLE has adopted the concept of CLICK & COLLECT and has offered an ideal solution for the management of online shopping through the refrigerated locker called CUB@.

Cub@ is dedicated to customers that buy fresh and frozen products on line and want a quick purchase together with an autonomous collection. An important time saving but in this period also a very SAFE method, since there are no interactions, in this important and historical moment.

The system, composed of different refrigerated compartments, does not need any direct contact between retailer’s workers and final consumers. Time of loading and time of unloading are separate.

Many chains are adopting this system and even during the lockdown, Oscartielle Spa continues giving support and service for eventual new installations.

You can place the lockers inside or outside a shopping center or a supermarket, but also in common spaces such as airports, hospitals, public places and also within industrial companies as welfare offers.

We can offer various management software solutions, from the simplest OFF-LINE and READY TO USE to the ADVANCED version that interacts completely with the e-commerce platforms. It is possible to monitor the lockers remotely to ensure correct operation and analysis of each individual compartment ensuring compliance with all HACCP standards.