The world's largest agri-food park

Oscartielle is proud to have partnered with Eataly World in setting up FICO - Fabbrica Italiana Contadina. An ambitious project for which Oscartielle has provided all its experience in creating and installing its cabinets, with renewed trust from Eataly.


The series of display cabinets ranges from the Zara 2 Convertible model, which can be used for over-the counter and self-service, to the Eagle and Phoenix 2 wall cabinets, both featuring sliding glass doors to reduce heat loss, and the large capacity Dione RB rear-service counters with reduced depth, as well as the showcase islands from the Archè family.



For the first time, the Fabbrica Italiana Contadina – open to the public from November 15th – has put its 100,000 square metres on show. The space, dedicated to biodiversity and the art of transforming Italian food, has been designed by the architect, Thomas Bartoli. It features 2 hectares of fields and open-air sheds housing 200 animals and 2,000 crops, to showcase the variety and beauty of Italian agriculture and husbandry. There are 8 hectares under cover with 40 food producing factories which have produced all the signature ingredients for Italian cuisine; over 45 eating places with entertainment, from cafés to street food booths and Michelin-star restaurants, offering samples and tasting sessions of delicious sweet and savoury dishes, as well as wine, beer and spirits. There are 9,000 square metres of shops and a marketplace with the best of products and design for good food; areas dedicated to sport, children, reading and services; 6 classrooms and 6 large educational “carousels” to allow you to experiment and discover the secrets of fire, the land, sea, animals, drinks and the future. There is a modular congress centre with a seating capacity from 50 to 1,000 people, with areas for theatre and cinema, plus courses and events which will animate all the areas of FICO. Buses, sporting FICO colours, are in operation from Bologna’s central station, and there is a mini-train which runs around the perimeter, plus tricycles which you can ride on the internal bike path while you shop.

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