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Salad Box arrives in Italy with Oscartielle Est Europa

Banchi frigoriferi

Venice welcomes the most healthy fast food chain

In 2012, Salad Box opened its first restaurant in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the city hosting Oscartielle Est Europa, a subsidiary of the Arneg Group specialized in refrigerated cabinets with integral unit. Since then, a long road has been travelled: there are more than 50 Salad Box stores in Romania and many others in Algeria, Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries.


The Romanian chain is a big success and chooses Oscartielle Est Europa to furnish its shops and attract an increasingly demanding, attentive and healthy lifestyle oriented public. Its fresh salads, soups, fruit juices, yogurt and natural desserts confirm a worldwide trend that focuses on the body and the relevance of food for health and well-being.


To date, Salad Box has chosen Oscartielle Est Europa for 42 stores in Romania and 12 stores in Europe. Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Sofia, London... and, since last week, Venice!


The store's format, youngish and lively, is made entirely of refrigerated plug-in furniture (with built-in condensing unit). In the centre, the large serve-over counter with straight glasses offers total visibility on the colorful ingredients trays allowing customers to choose and compose their meals. Together with the serve-over counter, the vertical multi-deck cabinets complete the layout, enhancing the display of products such as soft drinks, juices, fresh fruit and luxuriant green salad heads, also thanks to the strong enlightening power LED lights. The design, created with care to the last detail, follows the guidelines of the Italian Oscartielle, historical brand of the Arneg Group.

To be able to choose from the many selected ingredients and the possibility to 100% customize dishes is the key to the success of Salad Box. Ready-to-eat creativity, freedom and wellbeing is a trend that will surely continue to grow in many other countries.